Case Study

PBO Advisory Group helps build a roadmap to support the growth of your business by customizing a solution that serves your accounting and finance needs. We work with you to quickly identify the missing pieces of your accounting and finance functions. Then we fill those gaps with talented and experienced personnel who will ensure deadlines are met and financial reporting is accurately completed on time.

We can provide an entire accounting and finance team or build an optimal combination of your team and our seasoned professionals. PBO Advisory effectively supports your key business milestones and helps control and manage strategic growth through timely and accurate corporate analytics.

PBO Advisory Group’s outsourced accounting services help you leverage your internal team, while we handle your important financial challenges.

  • Establish corporate infrastructure
  • Provide cash flow planning, management & forecasting
  • Develop and maintain revenue and expense budgets
  • Manage accounting and administration teams
  • Prepare financial and analytical statements
  • Interface with executive team, board of directors, general counsel, auditors, bankers and investors
  • Perform general accounting duties
  • Provide CFO services to support strategic initiatives
  • Identify and plan for capital investments
  • Provide mergers and acquisitions support
  • Provide interim resources in accounting and finance
  • Develop financial controls to reduce risk
  • Provide technical accounting support (lease accounting and revenue recognition)
  • Assist with assessing and deploying accounting & ERP solutions
  • Assist with accounting and finance assessments
  • Assist with a redesign of your people, process, and technology
  • Provide post-pandemic support (PPP and ERTC)


Mike Ford

Managing Director / Founder

Francesca San Diego

Consulting Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Rebis, CPA