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PBO Advisory Group provides qualified professionals who can help meet the growth demands of your company. Our veteran business consultants have led public and private companies in CFO roles, planned and launched start-ups, raised capital, bought, sold and merged businesses, supported companies in initial public offerings, and guided clients through disasters. We support companies of all sizes in a variety of industries both domestic and international.

Whether your business is in growth mode, looking for an exit, is experiencing difficult challenges or is searching for funding, PBO Advisory can be the key in leading or supporting your efforts through:

  • Developing advanced financial reporting including key performance indicators that track business goals and objectives
  • Developing strategy and comprehensive business plans
  • Assisting with public reporting requirements including implementation of IFRS standards, SEC filings and reporting (10Ks and 10Qs), annual reports and financial statement footnote support, accounting for a business sale transaction and purchase accounting, and SEC projects, such as restatements, debt offerings and IPOs
  • Assisting with account reconciliations, preparing lead schedules, supporting work papers, and variance analyses
  • Preparing for year-end audits
  • ¬†Assisting with public reporting requirements including SEC filings and reporting (10Ks and 10Qs), annual reports, and financial statement footnote support.
  • Assisting with SEC projects, such as restatements, debt offerings, and IPOs
  • Implementing readiness and coordination for a potential business exit from initial buyer inquiries to transaction closing and post-sale integration
  • Providing business sale (stock or asset sale) mergers and acquisitions services; including coordinating due diligence support from initial offer; incorporating the new company into the financial reporting and accounting systems; and backfilling the accounting functions
  • Providing recommendations for improved gross margins, profit, operational efficiency and leveraging use of assets
  • Drafting of and assisting with the implementation of business disaster plans, designed to help companies work through a disaster and rebound post-disaster


Mike Ford

Managing Director / Founder

Josh Siler, CPA

Sr. Manager, Business Advisory Services