When you work with Pro Back Office you will only get resources that are needed for your business. The majority of our resources are W2 employees of the firm who receive training, benefits and the work life balance they are pursuing. We design a solution for your company that could consist of several resources at different levels, each on a part time basis. Often times we fill the gaps at companies who may already have existing accounting and finance personnel. The most important thing is that our team is your team and they will represent your company.

We fill the gaps. We help our clients with the missing pieces in their Accounting, Finance and HR departments. If you have a great Staff Accountant or Bookkeeper, we can provide the higher level roles. If you already have a CFO, we can support your CFO by giving him or her a Controller, Accounting Manager and/or Staff level support. If you do not have an HR Department, we can provide you with Part Time HR resource on an as needed basis.

Everything is hourly. We have set rates for each level. Our rates are incredibly competitive and in many cases are less than hiring one Full Time resource. We ensure everyone is doing exactly what they are good at. You don’t want your CFO doing data entry and you certainly don’t want your data entry person trying to be your CFO. We provide segregation of duties, internal controls, oversight, guidance and advice on best practices.

Most of our clients want us onsite. We enjoy being a part of their team and working in their unique office environments. Building relationships and getting to know our clients is important to the firm. We also have the ability to work remotely. For many of our clients we maintain their QuickBooks file on our Cloud Server. This enables the team to work in a multi-user accounting system either in person as a team or remotely when necessary.

Our goal is to respond quickly to your requests. You are usually assigned multiple resources who will be your consistent team. Our staff want to help as quickly as possible with issues. We are pro-active communicators and want to address issues as soon as they arise. Someone from the team will always make sure you are taken care of in a timely manner.