Life Sciences


The life science industry faces unique business and accounting challenges. PBO Advisory Group is ready to help you face these challenges head on.

PBO Advisory Group helps life science businesses through all life-cycle stages, from start-up and clinical development to commercialization and a liquidity event.

Many life sciences organizations have turned to us for our significant experience working with companies across the sectors of this growing industry, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biotech, and diagnostics.  Our group understands the issues of the industry as we have helped build, operate, sell, and finance numerous life science companies.  Our seasoned employees can help you with the following:

  • Monthly financial reporting for investors, stakeholders and strategic partners
  • Managing routine and unusual/complex accounting
  • Budgeting, financial planning and forecasting
  • Optimization of financial systems and processes
  • Cost accounting and development of best practices for product costing in accounting systems
  • Inventory control systems and best practices for managing inventory
  • Retention programs for key team members
  • Cap table maintenance and stock compensation accounting
  • Manage audit, tax, legal, insurance, banking and other key service providers
  • Government contract reporting and compliance with regulations


Bill Kachioff, CPA

Consulting Chief Financial Officer

Randy Barnes, MBA

Director, Compliance Services