Professional Services


Today, it is not enough to just deliver a quality service or solution. You also need to deliver the service efficiently, at a fair price, and with good margins. At PBO Advisory Group, we identify, measure, and compare your key performance indicators to spot trends early, keeping you in the black, and ahead of the pack.

PBO Advisory works with founders and executive teams to fully understand their business and the levers available to drive profitable growth. Partnering with PBO Advisory allows you to focus on and better understand your core business, as we focus on the financial and operational challenges your business faces.

Our clients include law firms, insurance firms, architects, engineers, public relations and advertising firms, IT consulting firms, management companies, financial planners, medical/dental offices, and a wide range of other service providers. Our flexible consulting and service delivery models fit each client’s unique and specific needs, some of which are listed below.

  • Evaluate current reporting and information systems
  • Identify strengths and opportunities
  • Define business needs and workflow requirements and improve efficiencies
  • System analysis, selection, and implementation
  • Analyze utilization of billable professionals
  • Develop compensation plans to incentivize billable professionals
  • Service line profit margin analysis
  • Commission calculations and schedules
  • Implement best practices for billing and collections
  • Benchmark overhead costs in relation to billable revenue
  • Return-on-investment analysis for marketing campaigns
  • HR support


Kristy Facchini

Consulting Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Rebis, CPA


Francesca San Diego

Consulting Chief Financial Officer