Whether you operate a SaaS software company, a tech-enabled services company looking to monetize your technology or a software developer selling perpetual software, we understand your situations and have guided others through the myriad of obstacles that stand in front of you, including the following:

Financial Management Support

  • For recurring revenue analysis – implementing billing base roll-forward systems in order to have
    visibility into how the billing base changes over a point of time. Includes, new subscriptions, upsells,
    down sells, fee pauses, attrition, impact of price changes and other factors.
  • Guidance on product roadmap development schedules
  • Assessing market potential for new product offerings

Develop financial reporting including ASC 606 and IFRS equivalents

  • Revenue recognition for bundled software offering, lease accounting, and accounting for contracts.
  • Contract assessments
  • Revenue recognition planning and infrastructure
  • Periodic monitoring
  • Data analysis for business growth and strong margins
  • Early stage seed capital raise
  • Strategic alliance development value adding partners
  • Exit strategy planning


Kristy Facchini

Consulting Chief Financial Officer

Mike Ford

Managing Director / Founder

Josh Siler, CPA

Sr. Manager, Business Advisory Services