"PBO Advisory Group takes care of literally everything financial. From advising me on big decisions like financial projections, and how to approach investors, to taking care of the day-to-day book keeping and ever changing sales taxes. As a business owner, you don’t want to be bogged down with the numbers or legal stuff. Plus, as a woman in business in the outdoor apparel industry PBO put together a team of all women who understand my unique needs and finances. Having someone you can trust take care of your books is a huge weight off your back. PBO takes care of it all so you can get back to running your business."
Bridget Kilgallon,
Tera Kaia
"After the departure of San Diego REP’s Business Manager, we hired PBO Advisory Group to help keep our accounting and HR functions running smoothly. PBO also was instrumental in helping us hire a new qualified Business Manager. PBO Advisory Group brought in a team to cover all these areas. They not only kept us running and found a great replacement Business Manager, but also they demonstrated a great deal of skill as they drove our annual audit to completion. I highly recommend PBO Advisory Group on their outsourced accounting as well as HR and recruiting services."
Larry Alldredge,
San Diego Repertory Theatre
"Deciding to bring on PBO Advisory Group to handle our accounting, financial planning, and human resources has been the single best managerial decision I have made in the 9 years of operating Societe Brewing Company. PBO began working with Societe in 2018 when we were six years into business and, on a weekly basis, I regret not handing off those duties to them earlier. Unless you have seasoned back-office professionals inside your organization, you are doing yourself and your company a disservice not using someone like PBO."
Doug Constantiner,
Societe Brewing Company
"Working with PBO Advisory Group has been a great experience and one of the best decisions we've made for our company. They continue to provide excellent results and great service. We consider PBO Advisory Group an extension of our business."
Jed Holland,
Holland’s Custom Cabinets
"When forming our start-up biotech company, we knew we needed an accountant with expertise in taxes, but also needed to keep our costs proportional to our staff load. PBO provided us with Edna, a phenomenal accounting manager/controller, who was able to adjust her time to our varying needs as determined by tax prep, license agreements, and account cleanup. As our company grew and merged into a small biotech, we never doubted Edna’s ability to grow with us. Edna audited our parent company’s records from the past 3 years, spearheaded tax filings and amendments, and is critical in our preparations for major growth in the near future. We have also utilized PBO’s HR services to develop our employee policies handbook and arrange employee trainings (sexual harassment, FMLA, disability, etc). PBO has been an ideal partner to provide us with critical financial and human resources based on our changing needs. We consider Edna an integral member of our financial team and company and would be lost without her.”
Meaghan Stirn,
Epicentrx, Inc.
"PBO Rocks! We are huge fans of their work and the assistance they have provided us for the past several years. They have helped at all levels and were instrumental in creating a budget and accrual accounting process. They have helped cover leaves of absence and provide fractional CFO work. These folks are excellent!"
Travis Medley,
Simply Biotech
"We value our multi year relationship with PBO. They have been instrumental in leading our accounting, cost accounting, cash flow/financial planning and Human Capital Management, and was also a key resource in the negotiation, drafting, and execution of the sales and purchase agreement”
Donovan Weber,
Forecast 3D
“As our business has grown over the years we have faced and overcome many challenges. As a small business many of the employees are performing multiple rolls within the company. During one of these challenges, a trusted advisor introduced us to PBO Advisory Group. PBO met with us and in a very short period of time they came up with a plan that solved multiple needs for Chula Vista Electric. I now have resources at my fingertips such as a CFO, Controller and Accountant when I need them and they are fantastic! Our books and reporting have all been taken to a new level and I couldn’t be more pleased. Each person on the team has been terrific and great at what they do. Switching to PBO was one of the best decisions I have made for the business. I just wish I had meet them sooner.”
Bob Friar Jr.,
Chula Vista Electric